OASIS PREFORMS SYNERGY LTD was formed in 2015. We are one of the leading PET Preforms manufacturers; Our PET preforms are produced from World Class - Husky HPET Injection Molding machines & on brand new Husky Molds. This ensures that our PET preforms have a smooth finish, flash free, tailless, uniform wall thickness preform with high clarity, dust free, superior quality and near zero waste level. Therefore, reducing variability and increased part quality Our Preforms are designed to guarantee uniform material distribution during blowing and improved product finish. The preforms produced from OASIS PREFORMS SYNERGY LTD are made to conform to strict quality control conditions. This methodology ensures that our customers do not have trouble during production with near zero rejections to save valuable time as well as reduce their production costs. Our fully equipped laboratory ensures that all products meet local and international quality standards.

Our Mission Statement

At OASIS PREFORMS Synergy Ltd, our vision is to always provide preforms that guarantee customer satisfaction by producing high quality preforms using world class injection molding technology from HUSKY. Our business idea supports this vision by ensuring that our products have high clarity, uniform material distribution and superior quality.

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